In the Begining

It all started a year ago.  I started feeling run down, out of breath, and out of sorts.  I remember Christmas shopping for my husband and being so winded at the check out lane.  I was still winded when I came home.  I was starting to think my childhood asthma was acting up.

A few days later I was starting to gag at nothing.  One morning I woke up and everything I tried to eat for breakfast tasted stale.  It was later that day that it dawned on me...maybe I was pregnant.

Sure enough, the test came up positive right away.  I remember showing my husband and he and I both not believing it.  We went to get a digital to test again and that came back "pregnant" right away.

That is when the nerves set in!  I began to stop praying for a baby and started praying for the baby (if that makes sense).

I called the doctor the next day and had an appointment for the following week for a dating ultrasound and to meet with the people who would be taking care of me for the next 35 weeks.

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