Workbox 2

This week we are working on some new skills.  This is what my plans look like for this week:

Color: Red
Shape: Circle (last week with this-she knows it now!)
Number: 1 (she will sometimes say one, other times she will say "Super Why" that's her new favorite answer).
Letter: A (she's got this too, last week on this letter)
Animal: Still an alligator.  I'll change it when I change the letter of the week

Prepositions and place-awesome game here: http://kizclub.com/Phonics/word/position.pdf
I will also use a ball and her baby blanket.  She loves to play with both and especially enjoys putting the ball under the blanket.

Weather terms: Flashcards with all types of weather (sunny, ice, snow, storm, flood, tornado, etc).  I'm going to make these into a book for her.  I have membership to this site: kidsparkz.com and it has many fun things to print for toddlers.

Cold/hot: first feeling things that are cold and hot (not too cold or hot) then sort flashcards based on these terms.  The cards show people in different situations (ice fishing, picnic, etc) and she will sort them.

Vocabulary: we will build up her already awesome vocabulary using this book I found buried with all her other million books: http://amzn.to/AkgFs5  She knows a good amount of the words in here.  But there are some others she has yet to learn (boat, train, lamp, yawn, rain boots, etc). 

I will post pics this week!  Stay tuned!

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