You know you're a teacher when...

Ever since DD was born she's been read to, talked to, and given basic educational lessons.  Now that she is walking and talking I have decided to start a toddler curriculum with her.  If she were in a traditional daycare setting (she goes to an in home daycare) she'd be getting exposed to these concepts.  Each day I work with Emily on things like colors, letters, animals, etc.  The normal things that toddlers should be exposed to.

I recently came acorss this fantastic blog: http://rockabyebutterfly.blogspot.com/

Now, while I myself am against homeschooling, I find her ideas terrific!  I have decided to become more organized with the lessons I give Emily and really focus on a few things a day for several weeks before moving on to another concept.

So, this blog will now be mostly about educating her and things you can do with your toddlers.

I hope you all enjoy it!

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