ABCs and workbox 3

I decided to put all the alphabet letter cards in Em's workbox this coming week.  She is picking up REALLY quickly on all her upper and lower case letters. 

Colors aren't going as well.  She knows pink, blue, and yellow; but she doesn't use them often enough for me to say she is secureT with them.

I never thought colors would be so difficult!

This week I'm going to work more on sequencing with her.  She really liked putting items in order by size.  I am also going to use some pom-poms and a cupcake pan to sort by color.

I know this age is more about play and being social, but I wish I knew what type of academic things to do with her.  Anyone have more ideas?  I already do letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sorting, weather, animals, counting, Bible characters....  Hmm....

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