Proud Mama

At 18 months DD has learned all of her letters (upper and lower case)... The only one that still confuses her is W.... for some reason she says "double-double".

She is making a lot of progress with her colors, but only secure with pink and green.   Blue and yellow are hit or miss.

She knows circle, heart, triangle, and square for shapes.  I have added a star card to her work box this week.

As for numbers she knows 1 and 2.  I put 3 and 4 in her work box to work on this week.

Animals are going great.  She still wants to call a zebra a horse, so it's staying in her box until she gets it.

She loves to color and spends most of her time with her huge box of crayons she got for Vday.

I cannot believe how smart this girl is.  I am so proud of her!!

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