Daycare vs. Preschool

So, this August Goose will be old enough to attend preschool...  She attends an in home daycare now that we love. 

Those of you with older children, did you enroll your child in preschool?  What are the positives and negatives of going?  If you could do it again, would you choose preschool?

Right now I feel that we should NOT send her to preschool.  She interacts at daycare and gets enough education here at home.  My school's preschool program is only part time and I need full time.  Also, if she were to do preschool and daycare, she would have to take the bus, and I'm not comfortable putting a three year old on a bus (without me).

Tell me your thoughts!!


  1. I rode on a bus at age 3. Having had worked in preschool, the drivers were very caring, unlike the later years. I don't know if we'll do it or not, but I don't work 40 hours, so if we do, my work would go around it.

  2. Preschool can't hurt, and you know she loves to learn. However, you need to do what you feel is best. I still need to research preschools for Michael, since he doesn't even go to daycare. Good luck with your decision!