Octopus Pattern Craft

This activity was fun, but took a lot of time for little two year old hands.  I made the body of an octopus and cut 8 pieces of yarn to start the craft.  Then DD and I sat down with a box of Fruit Loops.  This was her first time seeing Fruit Loops, so she was pretty excited to play with them and to snack on some.

For each octopus leg, I would tell her to pick out two or three colors.  Then we would work on making them into a pattern. She is secure with ABAB patterns, and with ABBA patterns.  I made sure to practice those, but to mix in others as well.  She has strength in that area of math.

After creating the pattern, she would take a piece of yarn and thread the Fruit Loop on there.  To make it easier I put a small piece of tape on one end of the yarn, so it would thread through the hole in the Fruit Loop easier.

This is what it looked like half way through.

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