Cain and Abel-Plus some math!!

Yesterday we read the story of Cain and Abel.  We talked for a long time about the two of them and Goose was really interested in the story (she loves the story Adam and Eve too).

Today we made a lamb and wheat craft to symbolize the gifts Cain and Abel gave to God.  We reviewed again and Goose remembered everything we read about the day before.

One issue I am having with these old testament stories is that God is so angry and very unforgiving.  I am having a hard time knowing how to explain this when it comes up (which won't be for a long time I hope).  I don't think I even have the answer to why He was so unforgiving but now is very forgiving.

On another note, our new math program came in today.  After much research and consideration, I decided to go with Horizons math.  I feel it goes well with common core, which I use as my curriculum.  It's a good foundation and I have other workbooks already if I need to supplement.  We did the first four lessons today and she just flew through it!  It was all a review of what she knows already.  Soon enough it will cover new things and I'm sure we'll have to slow down.

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