I'm back! A review

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever.  Goose and I have been very busy with school work and with Daddy traveling.

I wanted to drop a few lines about the new reading program we are using.  After a lot of consideration, we went with Starfall and ordered their kindergarten program.  It goes along well with most of the curriculum in our area, so that was important to me.  I want to make sure that she is right on par with others.

So far, the program has been great and Goose is up to quite a few high frequency words.  She has read three sight word books so far and can read simple sentences such as "I see you" or "You see me".  The Starfall program is easy to use and incorporates a lot of subjects in one.  The best part is that Goose LOVES it.  She is learning a ton.

Some cons of the program are as follows: there is no teacher guide.  You have to print it off online each week.  For what we spent on it, I would expect that to come printed.  There are other things that are not sent to you-you must go to their website to print it off.  For some things, the website is not very user friendly and you really need to learn your way around it before starting the program.

Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone trying to teach their child how to read.  In order to start this program, it is much easier if your child already knows her letters and letter sounds (which Goose does).

I am not paid by Starfall for this review-just letting you all know how the program is going so far.  If you are looking for something more structured to do with your little one, check them out!


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