Games for Preschoolers/Toddlers

It always amazes me how children today cannot play board games.  It's like they've never played one before!  In my own classroom I have tons of games I've picked up from garage sales and Goodwill.  The
children always have so much fun playing them during inside recess.

Goose has a few board games that she likes and I'm looking forward to playing more with her.  Below I have listed some of my favorite games to play with younger children.  What are some of your favorites?

I'm also looking into getting her Uno Moo, Laundry Jumble, Mr. Mouth, and Diggity Dog.  When she gets older I'm looking forward to the Game of Life, Clue, Scattergories, HedBanz, and Perfection.  So much fun to be had!!!

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