Butterfly life cycle craft

"The Hungry Caterpillar" is a great book to introduce the life cycle of a butterfly.  We always change the word 'cocoon' to 'chrysalis' because that would be the correct term.

Goose and I did a craft that illustrated each part of the life cycle of a butterfly.  It came out really cute!

First I colored a leaf (I was going to cut it out from green construction paper, but I thought I didn't have any green.  I later found it in an odd spot).

Goose glued down a small white pom for the egg, then several larger ones to make the caterpillar.  We glued on legs from a pipe cleaner and some eyes to make it look cute.

For the chrysalis I printed out a template of a cocoon (figured the shape was close enough) then I had her glue down pieces of a cut up brown paper bag (which I crinkled up to give texture).

Finally, we made a butterfly.  The wings were made by coloring a coffee filter with markers, then lightly spraying it with a spray bottle.  The body was made from a fat craft stick wrapped in yarn, plus eyes, and a pipe cleaner antennae.

After everything was dry I labeled each step and displayed them on our fridge.

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