Kindergarten ready!

I will be done with grad school in one short week.  What a relief it will be when I am done!

I'm spending my last couple weeks at home preparing Goose's school room so it is ready to go.  This year I plan on schooling every day.  Her room is really coming along!

We are continuing to work from Starfall for reading and Horizons for math.  They are both great programs and I suggest them to anyone looking for a solid kindergarten program.

To prepare myself better, I am putting together a kindergarten teaching binder. Inside has a zipped pencil case, a Dolch Sigh Word Checklist, a common core map for math and ELA, and curriculum maps for science and social studies.

I plan to work more on the binder and find out what things I'll need for this kindergarten adventure.

More pictures of her classroom to come, but for now I leave you with these..

The white board is hung low, so that she can reach it.  Don't mind the frame to the closet...  Goose painted that wall and some paint went on the frame!  Ooops!

The alphabet poster is great because it has a picture with the letter, so that it helps children remember the sound that letter makes.

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