Chemo and its side effects

The first day I walked into the infusion center I cried my eyes out.  It was terrible. However, the actual treatment was fine.  I wasn't sick at all and was only really tired on Wednesday.  By Friday and Saturday I was back to normal and felt good.

The next week of radiation was fine, as was the following week.  However Saturday and Sunday found me sick to my stomach.  I had chemo Monday and was extremely nauseous and tired.  They upped my meds but it didn't help.  Tuesday was pretty bad too, but not as bad as Monday.  I'm hoping my next two pills will knock this out.  I can't stand being  nauseous.

My hair was falling out in huge chunks, so I took the clippers to my head and gave myself a buzz cut.  I can tell you it is much better than moping around about losing your hair!

This is how your hair falls out-not in a bunch of strands, but actual clumps~

I cut my hair into a short pixie before all this so it wasn't so bad.  But once it started to fall out like that I decided it was time to buzz my head.  So I did!

So if you are losing your hair and are depressed about it like I was, just take matters in your own hands and buss it off.  Nothing to do!

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