PICC line removal

At my final chemo session, my PICC line was removed.  It was very painless and exciting.  If any of you have had a PICC line, you can imagine how happy I was to have it out.

Your nurse will wear a gown, mask, and gloves during the procedure.  Your dressing will be removed and your skin cleaned.  S/he will then pull on the line in a smooth motion and the entire line will come out.  I did not feel a thing when it was coming out.

After it is out, the nurse will wrap your arm and you will have to wait a bit to make sure it doesn't bleed.  After about 20 minutes I was free to leave.  I was not allowed to removed the bandage for 24 hrs and was told to not let it get wet.

It's so nice to be PICC free!!

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