A Thing about Depression Meds

If you do need to go on medication, please make sure you TAKE it.  The funny thing about meds is they only work if you TAKE them!  Go figure!

My doctor warned me.  She said, "Take them for a full six months. Do not stop taking them because you feel better".  Did I listen?  Of course not!  Why listen?

Anyway, I haven't been taking my depression meds (or my thyroid meds for that matter).  I feel too busy.  Too busy to take two seconds to take my meds (look at all those homophones!).

But I vow in the new year to be better about this and start taking them again.

The thing is, you will feel so much better taking them.  Better than you ever felt.  You'll wonder why you weren't taking them before. 

Today I realized that I need to keep taking them.  You see, I've been home on Christmas break.  I'm tired.  I'm sick.  I'm crabby.  I haven't left the house in days and I'm bored.  But I'm sick so I can't really leave. 

DD is feeling icky too.  She either has a cold like I do, or she's teething (or both with my luck).  So she has been super crabby.  And I mean SUPER CRABBY.  So crabby that it caused a fight with my husband and myself.

But earlier today I found myself yelling at her for being such a pain.  Yes, yelling at a four month old.  Like she REALLY understands what I'm saying or why I'm mad (or that I'm mad).  I was so upset with myself for getting upset with her, that I had to put her down and walk away.

My good friend must have heard my prayers because she called then and I felt better telling her how awful DD was being (she's a mom too). 

I know I need to start taking my pills again and being better about taking them.  I feel myself slipping back down that dark road again and that isn't good!

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  1. I can only speak from personal experience, but I had to learn that taking anxiety meds is my responsibility and a commitment. Although I have no children, I take my meds and begin to feel so much better that I feel protected from all of life's stressors that are thrown at me. At this point I think to myself, "Why should I take them if I feel fine?" Well, after 2 weeks or so of being on an emotinal roller coaster (with my boyfriend unvoluntarily coming along for the ride), I realize that I need to get back on the meds. Right now it is the best choice for me and it helps my relationships with the ones I love so dearly which is important to me ;)