Moments That I Love

I love watching DD sleep. Her little mouth is always open a bit and she looks so sweet and peaceful.

I love it when I'm holding her, rocking and patting her back, and she's fighting sleep.  Yes, it can be annoying, but some days I find it really funny.  She makes the silliest sounds just to stay awake. 

Whenever I'm holding her and her daddy makes her smile, she gets bashful and puts her head down on my chest.  So cute!

She gives "hugs".  She will put her arms on my shoulders and lay her head down. 

She gives "kisses".  Today she put her slobbery mouth on my cheek and just left it there.  When I started to giggle she giggled too.

I love the way she smells after her bath, how cute she looks in her pajamas, and knowing that she is mine!  All mine!

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