Why I still sit in the back

I've seen enough Baby Stories and Bringing Home Baby to know that new moms always sit in the back with baby on their way home from the hospital.  I so looked forward to this moment.

When DH pulled up and the nurses wheeled DD and me out to our car, I was so excited!  DH carefully helped me up into the back and DD was already latched in.  I sat in the back looking at her cute face and was talking away to DH.

I sat in the back with her a couple more times before trying to sit up front.  The first time I sat up front she did NOT like it one bit.  She cried and cried.

So, I sit in back with her still.  Yes, for the past five months, I have been sitting in the back with her.  Now when I'm driving, of course she is back there alone, but whenever it's both of us, I'm back there. 

Why do I still do it?  Because I like it.  I like to talk to her about the things we see and where we are going (and what we are going to buy), I like to hold her hand and rub her face.  I like to sing with her and show her toys.  I love when she looks over at me and smiles.  I like it when she falls asleep in her seat. 

Someone once told me "No baby ever died from crying".  That may be true, but why make your baby cry if it isn't needed?

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