Bed sharing and co-sleeping

When DD first came home, she only slept on me in bed.  When she was a couple weeks old I was able to put her in her bassinet and she slept well there.

Well she recently outgrew her bassinet.  I knew I didn't want her in her crib (too far away from our room), but I didn't know where to put her.  I was scared to put her between hubby and myself as he is such a heavy sleeper.

So I tried putting her in her playpen, but that didn't work.  Too much space and she would be all over it, waking up lying in a different spot than where I put her.

My SIL suggested putting her in bed with us.  When I told her my concerns she mentioned using a guard rail.  Doh!  Why that never came to my mind I don't know.  Luckily I had one in a box in our garage so I got it out, washed it down, and set it up.  Since then DD has been in bed with us, between me and the rail.

There are many people who disagree with bedsharing, but it works for us.  I sleep better having her right there (I can easily check if she's breathing) and she sleeps better (nice and warm).  So we like having her there.  I know that some people say it's not good, she'll be with us forever, etc....

That's fine though.  If she is scared and needs her parents, she is more than welcome to come into bed with us.  I don't ever want her to feel scared or alone.  We don't sleep alone, so why should she?  And if you do your research, you will see that less than 2% of SIDS cases happen because of bedsharing.  That means most of these cases occur with babies who are sleeping ALONE. 

So there it is out in the open...  I love my sweet little girl being in bed with us!  I love the little piggy noises she makes.  I love when she makes these deep sighs.  I love when she keeps moving closer to me.  I love looking over at her and watching her sleep so peacefully.

Maybe in a few years I will regret having her in bed with us, but I doubt it!


  1. Bed sharing is not for us, but I'm so glad you found a way to sleep comfortably!

  2. We did it and loved it. We moved him at 9 months because he started sleeping sideways and kicking me in the back!

    When you're ready to move her, I have tips! :)

  3. I bedshare and love it. You know best and you know your kiddo's sleeping habits. Secretly, when he goes to his own bed, I will be sad because I will miss those snuggle times.