What They Don't Tell You

Here are some things no one ever told me about pregnancy and childbirth. 

1.  Morning sickness can last all day for 40 weeks.  The sight, smell, and thought of food will make you sick.  Even after the baby comes, there will be some foods you can no longer stand the sight or smell of.

2.  You will never forget the first time you feel your baby move.  And it doesn't feel like gas at all.

3.  Odd things can happen to your body without reason.  I had a rash all over my legs that had no cause (other than being pregnant).  I got nose bleeds when I never had them before. 

4.  You think gaining weight won't bother you.  Wait until you start gaining and it will. 

5.  Near the end you will be so over the pregnancy.  You will be fat, tired, in pain, uncomfortable, and tired (did I mention that already?). You won't be able to sleep.  People telling you to "get used to the lack of sleep" will annoy you.  You will want to slap them.

6.  Contractions aren't that bad.  I went a long time without pain meds and the worst part was the contractions were coming so quickly I couldn't get any sleep.  The lack of sleep is what did me in.

7.  Having an epi will cause you to lose control of bodily functions.  Labor causes you to be very gassy.  If you haven't passed gas in front of your husband yet, you may want to start so you aren't embarassed while in labor.

8.  You will form a strong bond with the nurse in charge of you.  I cried when mine had to go home for the night when I was in active labor.

9.  You may not want a c-section, but won't care once you know your baby is in danger.  Just get the child out!

10.  Being on IVs for so long will make you swell up like Shrek. 

11.  You may not have an instant bond with the baby-you may wonder if the baby even likes you.

12.  Your marriage will be forever changed.

13.  Breastfeeding is not natural or easy-it's a learning process

14.  You suddenly become emotional over everything and understand why your mom cried when you graduated kindergarten.

15.  There isn't anything in the world that can prepare you for the job of being a mother.  You can read all the books, talk to millions of moms, but nothing will prepare you for the incredible task ahead.

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