Sometimes I feel like the worst mom ever

Today I didn't change DD when we came in from errands.  I put her in her exersaucer and started to put our groceries away.

Then she started to cry, so I picked her up and started playing with her like I always do. 

Later she diaper was soaking wet.  I felt awful!  How can I forget to change her diaper?  Darn absorbent diaper!

Yesterday I laid her on the floor (on her blankets) and went into her room to get her space heater.  Scott wasn't home and I knew I couldn't grab it and hold her at the same time.  If you have ever been to my house, the living room and her room are only a few feet apart.  I heard her crying and made my way back into the living room, only to find her up against the coffee table and a tiny red mark on her forehead.  I don't know how she got there (and so quickly!).....

I won't clip her nails because one time I cut the skin and her little finger bled. 

I know as she grows and starts to move more there will be lots of bumps and scraps, but I just feel so awful!  At least she has a bad short term memory (for now).

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