An update

Wow....it's been a long time since I've updated. 

A lot is going on now...

1.  My sweet baby is teething still.  But I don't see anything coming up yet.

2.  We have a crawler!  And she's so proud of herself!

3.  DD is also pulling herself to standing. 

4.  Because she is more active now, we've had some bumps.  I wish I could put her in a bubble to keep her safe!

5.  Solids are going great.  We started earlier than I wanted, but it really helped her acid reflux.  She loves to eat.  Except green beans.  She hates those.

6.  She is in swimming classes now.  We take turns taking her in the pool.  It is so much fun!

7.  I have one month left of Zoloft and then I'm done.  I hope I'm okay when I'm off them.

8.  The hubby and I are starting Nutrisystem.  We both need to do something about our weight!!

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