We have a tooth!

DD's first tooth popped up finally a week or so ago.  Her other one is starting to come in too. 

She is crawling like a madwoman and pulling up on everything.  She's had quite the number of bumps and bruises from falling over.  I try my best to sit right there to catch her, but sometimes I'm not fast enough.

DD started her first music class last week.  She is still in swim (and will be for a loooong time).  I really enjoyed the music class and so did DH.  DD seemed to have fun as well and went down easily that night.  We did more then just play music.  There was a baby massage, some dancing, and movement from side to side.  There were other babies there as well, all older than DD, but not nearly as active.  Only a couple others, who were much older, were more active.  I felt so proud of her for being so little, but crawling, sitting, and pulling up. 

I'm convinced that she's advanced....


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