BLW-baby led weaning.... something we are kinda doing.

Basically DD is on solid chunks of food.  I'm finishing up the purees I've already made her, but mostly she is on finger food.

There are some moms in my swim class who still do purees with their babies, which is fine.  But they looked at me like I'm crazy since DD is a month younger and feeding herself.  She does great with it!

Remember those green bean purees she wouldn't eat?  Well, if I make her green beans and cut them up, she feeds them to herself just fine.  She has also eaten bakes apple pieces, carrots, tortillas (whole grain), a number of baby treats, butternut squash "fries", pancakes, blueberries, bananas... The list goes on and on.  She eats better when feeding herself and isn't a fan of being fed.  She's too independent!

She is also drinking from a sippy.  We put water in there, but only allow her 2 ounces of water a day. 

She seems so big when she's feeding herself.  Where did my newborn go?

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