Weight loss

Bleh.  I still have a lot of weight to go before I'm happy with my post-baby body.

I remember when I was first dating DH.  Dang was I hot!  I wish I knew it then.

I've tried Nutrisystem, but didn't like it.  Some of the food was really gross and it was hard to follow with my short lunch break. 

But I did learn about portion control and hope to be able to keep my portions down.  And now that DD is eating finger food, I think I'll be eating many more fruits and veggies.

I think I'm going to start devoting some of my posts on my weight loss journey. 

New moms: baby weight doesn't just melt off.  I only gained 21 or 22 pounds and I still have a few stubborn pounds to go.  And even with the short time breastfeeding, I didn't really lose more weight.  But due to the depression, I wasn't eating much, which affected my supply, and didn't help my weight loss (body goes into starvation mode and keeps that fat on for awhile).

Wish me luck!  I'll post my current weight this weekend.

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