Ten years ago today.... I was in my first apartment getting ready for ecology lab, when I turned on the television...

One tower was alredy ablaze as I called my then boyfriend.  He was living elsewhere as his stay at the community college I was attending was over.  On my tv I could see a small speck moving.  As the camera zoomed in I could see that it was a plane headed for the other tower.  My boyfriend didn't have his television set up yet (he had just moved) and as I was watching and talking to him I remember cursing (something I hardly ever do).

The rest of the day really was a blur.  I remember the school had tvs playing in different areas for students to watch.  One large auditorium was filled with students watching and you could have heard a pin drop. 

Now ten years later I watch news coverage and see the children reading names of lives lost.  Many of these children only a few years old or still an "inside" baby.  It hit me harder this year being a mom.  I can't imagine DD in that situation or worse yet, myself as a mother losing my child.

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