Confession Monday

Confession: the term "full-time mom" annoys me.  Aren't most mothers "full-time moms" (if they work outside the home or within the home??)  Do working moms add "full-time" to their title?  I don't say, "I'm a full-time third grade teacher".  If full-time should be added there, can I add full-time mom, full-time teacher, full-time wife, and full-time cook/housekeeper to my list?  If so, I need a pay raise!!!!

P.S. this is in response to a post I read on the internet....

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  1. Confession: It irks me when people assume I am less intelligent because I live in the South, use the word "ya'll" and enjoy a slower pace of life. I may speak deliberately, and use few words when we do so. I may love sitting and sipping tea, creating home-made things and the simple pleasures of family togetherness. However my SAT and IQ scores will tell you, I am not a moron. So please when ya'll northerners feel the need to deregate and deride us Southerners, please do so to some one else.
    P.S. This is in response to a woman with a New York accent who mumbled under breath "idiot, did you mean you guys?" when I said "Excuse me ma'am I think that line is shorter. Ya'll might want to go over there."