How things change

Back in March we planned a trip to visit my mom.  We had our hotel booked already.  Things weren't looking good on Friday when all three of us were sick.  But we knew we'd be out money if we didn't go.  So we packed our meds and left.

Friday night we had dinner with my mom.  Then a good friend and her son came over to swim at the hotel with us.

DD was exhausted from being ill, traveling, swimming, etc.  So up into the bath and into bed she went.  She struggled to fall asleep as it was a different bed, different environment, etc.  Exhausted DH and I went to bed soon after she fell asleep.

Close to 10:00 pm I woke up to the sound of an alarm going off.  Confused at first I stood up and stumbled to the door.  Looking out I see people leaving their rooms and a man I recognized from the front desk banging on doors.  I asked him, "What's going on?  Do we have to leave?"  He told me yes, to get out.  I dash back into the room, grabbed a sleeping baby, and got us outside.  Luckily it was only a false alarm, but man was that scary!

You know how you talk about what you'd grab if there was ever a fire?  Yeah, that all goes out the window...  All I could think of was my little Goo and getting her out.  I was wishing I had a blanket to grab, as I knew it would be cold, but there was no way I'd get the big blanket off the bed quickly. 

Maybe I should keep my "in case of a fire-grab" items in the car already.  LOL

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