13 months

DD is going on 13 months.  She still amazes me daily with all that she knows and can do.  Her new word is "shoe".  The other day she brought her daddy (who was lying in bed) all the shoes and piled them up on him.

She loves to take all the toys out of her toy box and play with them.  She isn't putting everything in her mouth as often as she used to, which makes me happy.  She understands "Spit it out!". 

She finally starting signing "all done" at meals.  She won't sign for more, but she can say it now so it isn't necessary.

Now that she will sign, I want to try more such as eat, water, and milk.  I hope she catches on to either the signs or words (words are best).

We still bedshare and I don't see that coming to an end any time soon.  She will nap in her big girl bed.

Overall we are still head over heels for our little girl and more proud of her everyday.

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