Popcorn Words and More

DD has been "reading" books now for a couple weeks.  She has her favorites that she has memorized and likes to read through them pretty often.

I've taken her interest in words and printed off the list of preprimer words.  I'm going to practice a few a week, starting off with the very simple ones.  She already knows her alphabet, so she can read "I" and "a".  She also knows "away".

Her shapes are going super well.  I'm moving on to 3D shapes now and harder polygons (trapezoid, octagon, pentagon, etc).  Her numbers are just so-so.  She really has no interest in them and can only identify 1-3.  When she counts she skips 4 and 5 and sometimes 8.

I'll upload some pictures of her practicing her "popcorn" words later this week!

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