To Keep You Going

Sometimes having a toddler is very difficult.  Especially my toddler.  Sometimes she wants so much of me that it is exhausting.  Sometimes I wish she would just play by herself and stop asking me to play people, to wrap her baby doll, to put a blanket on her back (like a cape), etc.

Whenever I feel myself losing patience, I remind myself of this woman... what an incredible woman and mother! 

Warning: this blog is really sad, talks about the death of a child, and shows some pictures of his illness that may be very upsetting to some viewers. 


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  1. That story made me weep. So very tragic.

    I know that feeling of just wanting a few moments of kid free time. Or just wanting to be left alone and not be bothered by kids for while. I think the fact that you feel that way too sometimes makes you human, and not fake. You are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter.:)