First Board Game

Quite awhile ago I won a game from Educational Insights.  I put it in DD's cabinet until she was a bit older.  Well, today I decided to see how she would do with it.  The game is very simple-Each player has a tree stump with colored holes on it (blue, purple, yellow, red, and green).  You spin the spinner and collect (or lose) acorns.  The first person to fill up their stump wins.

DD already knows all her colors and numbers (the numbers on the game only go to 2) so the game was very easy for her.  However, if your LO still puts things in his/her mouth, this game is not for you.  The acorn pieces are small.

If you are looking for a first game for your LO, this is it!!

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

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