Worst Blogger EVER!

I have such a hard time keeping up with blogging!  I want to blog, but forget to...  With working full time and being in grad school, it's hard to remember!

These past couple months we haven't done too much school wise.  We work from her workbooks, practice old concepts, and do crafts.  We studied Halloween and what it means to make believe and learned about Thanksgiving-what we are Thankful for and the first Thanksgiving.

As we move into the Christmas season we will study our religion more.  DD already knows that Christmas is when Jesus was born and if you ask her who Jesus is, she will tell you "God".  That's close enough for a two year old I think!

Right now it amazes me how much of an imagination DD has.  She loves to play pretend with her babies, her play kitchen, and likes to act like we are staying at a hotel on a business trip.  She enjoys dressing up and pushing her baby dolls around (with everything a baby doll would ever need in the stoller or cart too). 

She is super excited for Christmas.  If you ask her what she wants she reponds, "All the toys".  She really wants a Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk and a doll swing.  We already purchased both for her.

She got to decorate the tree.  It was funny seeing her put all the ornaments so close together.  We left it the way she decorated it and it's super cute!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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