Homemade puffy paint

I first saw this paint at the school I teach at.  The preschool teacher used it and had the work hanging in the hall.  It looks great and feels awesome!

The teacher in DD's art class used it once to paint ice cream onto construction paper cones.

I've used it in my own classroom, when learning about clouds.  It's easy to make, easy to clean, smells good, and is super fun!  I plan on making some soon for DD to use to paint snow men and snowflakes.  You can also add sequins or glitter to it and it will stick when it dries.

Just add equal parts glue and shaving cream and mix well.  Remember that shaving cream is puffy and glue is not, so keep that in mind for the "equal parts".  You may have a cup full of shaving cream, but do not need a cup of glue.  A decent size glob is good enough.

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