This week we learned about nature.  It was a good review of living/non-living things.

We still need to fill our suet feeder with yarn so we can look for the yarn in nests later.

We also need to go on a nature walk.  Luckily it's cooling down now.  I've been so hot working in a room without A/C all day that I have little energy for outside stuff when I get home.

We did make binoculars and two bird feeders (using peanut butter and bird seed).  DD kept singing "B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, bird is the word" when she was making it.  She is obsessed with that song for some reason!

More pictures to come as we finish up this unit tomorrow.

Making binoculars

 Adding birdseed onto the bird feeder.

 We hung one in the backyard

And one in the front yard right in front of our bay window.  

She was very excited!

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