LeapPad2-best gift ever!!

We purchased a LeapPad2 after much tablet consideration.  I like that it doesn't have online access as I don't want to have to deal with it and want something she can use independently.  It comes in a girly color, which I love and is very easy to use.  It has a camera on the front and back, which is a lot of fun to use.  There are lots of games to get for it and numerous apps.  I like the apps a lot, because I don't have to worry about cartridges.  You can buy apps with an app card, which is more cost effective if you buy from Amazon, or you can purchase with your credit card.

There are lots of videos such as SuperWhy (her fav), Dinosaur Train, UmiZommi, Bubble Guppies, Sesame Street, etc.  You can also get Ebooks with it.

So far her favorite apps are as follows (in no particular order)

Finding Nemo Reef Builder (works on life science, marine life, ocean science, and counting)

UmiZoomi Street Fair Fix-Up (works on number sense, pattern recognition, and shapes)

SuperWhy videos volume 1 and 2 (spelling, letter recognition, alphabet, and phonics)

Hamster Music (works on music pitch/sound, rhythm/tempo, musical compositions, and creativity)

Coloring with Scout and Friends (coloring and drawing)

I've also purchased Splurgle which is all about the water cycle and states of matter and Dice Ahoy which works on addition, place value, greater than/less than, and number recognition.  She has not played these games yet, as she is really into the reef builder game.

What I really love about it is you can connect the device to your computer and check up to see how your child is doing.  It tells you how long they played, how many times they played, how many questions they answered, if they were right or wrong, and what their percentage is.  It also tells you what challenge level it's on and what their "top" subject is.

It's also super durable.  I dropped it in Walmart during a tantrum (that she was having, not that I was having) and nothing happened to it.

Seriously the best gift ever!!


Carrying case

App Card

Charger (not a must have, but it's nice to have)

Gel skin

If you have been on the fence about getting one, DO IT!!!

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