Organizing all your 'school' stuff and other things

When you decide to have set time set aside to work on schooling with your toddler, you need to get organized.  This post is to show you what I have to keep all of DD's workbooks and craft supplies together.

The first thing I did was to go out and buy a three drawer organizer.  It's nice because it fits right under my desk and it's big enough to hold everything I need.

The top drawer is used to hold all my supplies for my electronic cutter.  The middle drawer is where I keep all my craft supplies-glitter, pom poms, glue, glue sticks, etc.  The bottom drawer is where I keep all her workbooks.

The next thing I do is to plan by the month.  I do monthly units because it's just easier for me.  I use my school's preschool/preK curriculum to plan what DD needs to know and work from there.  I start on Pinterest to get ideas and then go to Teachers Pay Teachers if I need more.

Once I have her unit planned I start to figure out what I need to have prepared ahead of time.  Usually that's printing out templates, gathering supplies, and cutting things out with my cutter.  After all that is done, I place everything into a folder and put the folder in the bottom drawer of the cart.  I also print out the plans for the unit, which I just do in list form, and add that to the folder as well.

If I were homeschooling her and working on more things, I would use a drawer for each day, like I do at work.  This is the organizer I have there (I have two of them, one drawer for each day and a drawer for extra copies)

DD also has places where we do school work.  Sometimes we just sit on the floor, but if we are working on something that really requires her to think, we either sit at her desk or at her picnic table.

There are all sorts of little desks you can get and the one she has is small enough to fit under my desk as well.  So I can push it in when not in use.

We got her picnic table on Craigslist.  It was only $10 and then I spent a little more spray painting it.  During the warmer months I keep it outside, but we brought it in for her birthday party and it's been in ever since.  It's nice to have a spot for her to snack or do art work and it's plastic so it's easy to clean.  I suggest checking Craigslist or garage sales first, as these can be pricey.

This has also been great for all the crafts we do-it's an electronic cutter and it's awesome!

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