Cocoa mug craft and what to wear in winter

Today we made a cocoa mug craft (from Pinterest).  It came out really cute.  All we have to do is add another marshmallow and color the mug.  We are waiting for the cocoa part to dry.

I also attempted to do a warm weather/cool weather clothing sort.  There are several pictures of children in various clothing and you are to sort them into two sections.  While DD knows that you have to dress warmly in winter, she isn't getting what it means to dress warmly.  I keep telling her you wear long sleeves and pants, hats and mittens, coats and shoes, etc.  I have even showed her pictures and pointed out her own clothing.

I think what is confusing her is the person is dressed warm, not dressed for the cold.  I might try tomorrow to sort them by people dressed warmly and people dressed cool.  Then explaining from there why that is.

I got the lesson from this site, which I am a member to.  For the price, it's worth it if you have very young children you are schooling.

Spreading the cocoa around 

She needs to add another marshmallow and color the cup still

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