Let's talk about weight gain

Growing up, I was always thin.... until I hit puberty.  Then I was a little on the chubby side.  I continued that way until my third year of college.  All of a sudden I was REALLY thin and tired a lot.

Before my wedding, I began to gain weight suddenly and was more tired than ever.  I'd find my eyes closing at red lights.  At first, my doctor said it was due to 'wedding stress'.  A couple weeks before the big day I was sick.  Not wanting it to get worse, I went to the doctor and saw someone else, since my regular doctor was on vacation.

I mentioned the weight gain in passing, when I was weighed.  Later I asked if it was possible to have mono twice, because I was just so tired.

The doctor sent me to the lab for blood work, and later that day I found out I was extremely hypothyroid.  I've been on meds since and have struggled with my weight since, especially after dealing with a pregnancy.

My endocrinologist says that many hypothyroid patients are hyperthyroid first, which explains the weight loss in college.

Two weeks ago I decided to join Weight Watchers.  I'm tired of being this heavy, tired of how big my clothes are, tired of how I look and feel.  So far, I have lost seven pounds!  WW is very easy to do-what I like most about it is you just eat normal food.  Seeing the points things are really makes me think twice about what I eat.  The small caramel frappe and egg/cheese biscuit I'd get from McDonald's???  Yeah, almost my WHOLE day's points.

Someone mentioned having to be on it for the rest of your life, and that is kinda true.  WW is about eating healthy, managing your portions, and thinking twice about what you put in your mouth.  To go 'off WW' would mean you aren't doing those things anymore, so of course you'll gain it all back.  WW is a lifestyle change, not just a diet.  I'm excited about losing weight and feeling good again.

If you are in the same boat, I suggest Weight Watchers without hesitation.  Best thing I've ever done!!

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