Weight Watchers Check-In

So, it's been three weeks and I'm down 9 pounds.  I feel great and I'm excited to lose more.  I would love to be able to lose 15 more pounds, but I realize it's going to be really hard work to get there.

I still haven't been really hungry.  One thing that continues to help me stay full is to load up on veggies.  If I'm eating pasta, I measure out my portion (sometimes a full serving, other times a half) and load up on spinach and tomatoes, or zucchini.  I have found that diced tomatoes have less points than sauce, but sauce really doesn't have that many to begin with.

When I feel like I want a small snack Fiber One bars/desserts or pretzels do the trick.

For breakfast I usually have two eggs, Morning Star Farms "bacon" (2 strips), and a glass of milk.  Other times I'll have Fiber One cereal, or an 'egg in a hole' with fake bacon.  I even found a low point frappe drink to make.

For dinner and lunch I usually have pasta loaded with veggies, pizza made from zucchini, a big baked potato, taco salad with avocado, etc.  My meals haven't changed too much other than loading up on veggies and trying to not use bread/tortillas/wraps.

I have not had my typical McDonald's breakfast since starting WW and have only had soda twice in the past 3 weeks.  I'm getting there!

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