We were lucky enough to find an amazing woman to watch over DD.  She lives on the same street as us and runs an in home daycare (licensed and everything).

Her children went to the school that I teach and some of her charges are children who attend my school.  She was recommended to me and I was glad to get in with her (as she only takes one baby at a time).

The first few times I left her there happened the week before I returned to work.  DH was out of town and I thought it would be a good trial run for her, me, and DCP.  The first time I left her I came home to shower and say goodbye to DH.  What I didn't tell anyone was I cried in the shower. 

My principal (who doesn't have any of her own children) always asks me "Isn't it hard to leave DDeveryday?"  I always lie and say, "Yes, it is".  Why is it a lie?  Because it really isn't that hard!

Now before you think I'm terrible for saying this, someday you will understand. 

When I pick DD up from daycare she is either sleeping or in DCP's arms.  She is happy, she is fed, and I know she is loved.  DD having others who love and care for her is important to me.  I want her to grow up knowing that non-family members can care for her and love her too.  She needs to realize that mom and dad will always be there for her, but plenty of others care for her safety, her well-being, and her future. 

I don't want her dad and me to be the ONLY adults she trusts.

DCP has a heart of gold and I believe she really is an angel sent to us from God.  So no, it isn't hard to leave DD with someone who loves her almost as much as I do!

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