Do Not Be Afraid

I haven't told anyone that I have post partum depression except a few close friends, my mother (who also suffered with PPD with her fourth child), and my husband.

Why did I not speak up?  Because I was embarassed. 

Having PPD will make you feel like less of a mother.  And admitting you have it is hard.  The fact is, there isn't much understanding of it and there is a lot of people who will judge you for it.

But I believe it is important to speak up.  Too many times moms keep it to themselves, don't seek help, and end up harming themselves or their babies.  Take a look at the news.  You don't have to search far to hear about PPD and what can happen if it is left untreated.

That is why I decided to start this blog.  One, to help me with my feelings and two, to help future moms feel comfortable coming out with their depression or anxiety (or both!).

So new moms, do not be afraid!  Those who judge you do not deserve you (or your baby).


  1. Hang in there mama! You are doing the best job you can and nobody should fault you for that. Just keep being that Positive Polly and don't let other's judgements turn you into a Negative Nancy. We love you, and are very proud of you.

  2. Thanks Carolyn!! It helps that I have you to vent to!