Busy mom-easy feeding

Being a mom is difficult.  When you are working and/or in school as well, it's even MORE difficult!

I'm going to start dedicating some posts to how I make things less stressful around the house and work (and go to grad school).  Hopefully these tips can help you as you venture back to work.


1. When Goose was little, and still on the bottle only, I made sure that every night her bottles were washed and dried.  I would then make enough bottles for daycare and put them in the fridge for the next day.  At night I would premeasure the formula in dry bottles.  If and when she woke up, all I had to do was add water.

2. When Goose got older, I brought an extra sippy cup to leave at her DCP's house.  That way I don't have to remember one each day.  I try my best to pack her lunch the night before, usually lunch leftovers.

3. Now that Goose is becoming more independent, she has her own storage container in the fridge.  She is free to take something almost at any time.  I just used a regular plastic bin from the Dollar Tree (shoe box size) and fill it with healthy snacks that she can easily get herself.  Some things I put in it include cheese, yogurt, applesauce, cherry tomatoes (in smaller storage containers), cut up fruit (in smaller storage containers), etc.  I also put spoons in the bin in case she picks yogurt or applesauce.

4. Meal plan!  This way I can see what leftovers I'll have for lunches.

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